• The Werri Beach Fish Shop Story

  • The Werri Beach Fish Shop was born in 1964 when Barbara Pike began cooking fish in her own kitchen for the local fishermen of the area. The fishermen would bring their catches mainly caught just opposite on Werri Beach to Barbara’s home and she would cook their fish for them beautifully for just 10c a fillet whilst they waited patiently in her lounge room.


    Barbara’s kitchen soon became very popular for it’s freshly cooked fish and became a registered business in 1970. The Werri Beach Fish Shop would soon become a name on everyone’s lips as people would come for miles to savour its delicious fish and chips served right opposite the beach. A duplicate of a painting of the original shop is located inside near the café. It looks quite different to our modern shop of today!


    Werri Beach was almost its own town in those days, a modest little beach community boasting a butcher shop, fruit shop, general store with a petrol bowser, veterinary clinic, railway station (Omega) and the fish shop. We are the only original business still operating today.


    The Werri Beach Fish Shop over the years has seen many owners come and go, but in 1979 a lady called Zelda started working at the shop to help support her large family. Zelda lived just around the corner in Renfrew Road and would walk to work most days to help cook for the growing crowds that would come. Zelda worked solidly at the fish shop for 30 years and was a dedicated and loyal employee for all the owners until she died in 2010 from Breast Cancer.


    ………………and now


    In August of 2010, we, Zelda’s daughters and our husbands became the new owners of the Werri Beach Fish Shop. After Mum died, it was our decision to approach the previous owners and offer our intention to buy the little shop that our Mum had loved so much and had given so much of her life to. We had lived the journey of the shop almost as much as her, in fact, most of Zelda’s children earned their first wages at the shop either cutting chips up in the back shed or working in the shop themselves!

  • It is our desire to keep the wonderful reputation of the Werri Beach Fish Shop going. We are committed to keeping the essence of the shop intact which has always been to serve fresh fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and to provide our customers with the happiest and nicest experience of hospitality. We really enjoy serving our local community and developing friendships with our loyal regulars, and also love meeting the many new people and travellers that wander through our doors each week.


    It is certainly an honour and a privilege to own the wonderful little shop with its rich history and famous reputation. For our family, it is more than just a business. This shop is part of us and our past and holds a lot of wonderful memories. We hope when you visit us, that you enjoy your experience of the Werri Beach Fish Shop and can take away not only a satisfied appetite, but a happy smile as well.


    Jodie, Tony, Lisa, Steve